About us

IMAGENERIA is the first platform for phygital 3D-printable NFTs of real-world use products. Use your digital assets stored in NFTs anywhere in the Metaverse and digital space overall; get them turned into real physical products at IMAGENERIA when you need them in the real world.

All the design products presented at IMAGENERIA are digital and manufacturable assets, giving you more freedom to use them in the digital and physical worlds. At IMAGENERIA, we build an industry-transforming platform that shapes production, digital delivery, and new consumer experience of 3D-printable digital assets for customers in the physical and digital worlds.

In IMAGENERIA, we digitize all stages that can be digitized and at the same time preserve the value for your physical world needs. We believe that advanced types of 3D printing technology combined with digital design, digital delivery, and other tech allow you to get the desired product of high quality. It's not about prototyping anymore.

We build an on-demand economy based on quality digital designs, digital manufacturing, and digital delivery. We promote the best sustainable materials and circularity practices for 3D printing, creating net-positive social and environmental impact.

We are your destination for quality digital 3D-printable assets for fashion accessories, jewelry, art, homeware, and other consumer products.

In IMAGENERIA, we build bridges between arts and sciences, humanities and technology for Sustainability and Co-Creation.

IMAGENERIA is a mission-driven platform. We believe in deep sustainability, which means value for the real world.

We envision a massive positive system-level change focused on sustainability due to exponential technologies in the future manufacturing and technology trends.
IMAGINE synergy of organizations and individuals for a high-quality 3D printable design and a new age of customer digital and physical experience both on Earth and in space.

Official Location

Santa Monica, California